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Teacher Professional Learning

Looking to grow as an educator? QBG is committed to supporting you! We offer a variety of professional learning options ranging from introductions to inquiry to school gardening.

Our programs are aligned with New York City Science Standards, New York State Science Standards, the Next Generation Science Standards, and the Common Core Learning Standards. Programs are aimed at helping equip teachers with the skills and content to enliven their classrooms and engage their students in science learning. QBG’s Teacher Professional Learning Program is an approved CTLE sponsor.

For more information, please contact [email protected] or 718.886.3800 ext. 371.


Using Plants to Teach
3P Credits & 36 CTLE Hours

July 9 through 14, 2018

Enjoy the wonders of the Garden this summer! During this
six-day, hands-on course, explore concepts in botany and ecology via inquiry and project based learning. Increase your science content knowledge and reflect upon the pedagogical models used within the course to better your own teaching practice.

Registration opens Monday, June 4.
Register for ASPDP P-credits first, and then register for the course:

ASPDP P-credit Fee: $125
Register now: pci.nycenet.edu/aspdp/Account/Login

Using Plants to Teach Course Fee: $225
Register now: queensbotanical.org/p-credit2018


Teacher Professional Learning Request

To request a workshop for 8 or more teachers,  please  CLICK HERE.
If you are an individual teacher looking for a workshop, please email [email protected].

Our educators provide custom programs for your educators’ needs. Sample topics include:

Half-Day or Full-Day Workshops
• Easy and Exciting Classroom Gardening
• Trees
• Observations with Plants—How Do Scientists Think?
• Exploring Botany and Ecology
• The Waste Stream
• Using the Garden to Teach Math and ELA (day or multiple sessions)

Multiple Session Workshops
• Ecology in the Urban Environment—from microbes to macrobes
• Sustainability in the Community
• Urban School Gardening

Urban Advantage teachers looking for UA opportunities at QBG, CLICK HERE.

Photo Credit: Anne Tan-Detchkov, QBG Staff