QBG @ Home

QBG @ Home

After being temporarily closed since March 19, the Garden is now OPEN! CLICK HERE for more information on hours and admission.

Garden staff will continue to share moments of inspiration, beauty, and knowledge with you through our social media and online channels. To see the latest and enjoy QBG at Home, including story time and crafts, classroom tutorials, DIY projects, and so much more, be sure to check out all the nature- and garden-inspired content below and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

If you are able to, we ask that you consider donating to the Garden below or via our donation form.

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From the Garden

See highlights of what’s blooming and growing, garden demos, and more!

Watch the latest: 

Ankhlave Arts Alliance at Queens Botanical Garden
Ankhlave Garden Project Fellow Kayo Shido
Learn about artwork “Dry Garden”
Ankhlave Garden Project Fellow Natali Bravo-Barbee
Learn about artwork “Flores de Femicidio”
Ankhlave Garden Project Fellow Cecilia André
Learn about artworks “Blossom” and “Rainbow Squared”
Ankhlave Garden Project Fellow Asano Agarie-Gomez
Learn about artwork “Rosie”

Nature-Inspired School & Public Programs

Watch as we bring our fun garden curriculum to you. Where indicated, select programs are available in Spanish (Es).

Watch the latest:

Street Tree Story: London Planetree
The London Planetree is the most common street tree in Queens and NYC, but it may be surprising what makes it so colorful (hint: it’s not the leaves!).
Parts of the Beehive with Mrs. C

Let’s look inside a Langstroth beehive with Mrs. C!

Plantas que comemos: Cultivemos en casa (Es)
Exploraremos formas de cultivar los desechos de vegetales que tienen en casa.

Activities, Crafts, & Stories for Families

Watch nature- and culture- inspired story time, crafts, and more you can do right at home.

Watch the latest:

Story Time (Es): ¿Qué puedo yo hacer? / What could I do?
El mundo sería maravilloso si todos ayudáramos a reciclar, a conservar el agua y la energía. Expires 8/15/20.
Ambulo Visits the Ever Large Forest

Ambulo visits the tallest forest he has ever seen!
Story of my Sandwich
Maia takes a look at her lunch and wants to know where the food came from and where it will go if she throws it in the trash.

DIY & Garden Inspiration

From our homes to yours, we present nature- inspired DIY projects, houseplant demos, and more.

Watch the latest:

Korean BBQ Garden (Part 1)
Take a tour of Anji’s Korean vegetable garden!

Fred & Emmett Plant Chat (Episode 1): The Tomato!
Macro Photography Tips

Compost Minute

Get an inside look at compost with NYC Compost Project hosted by Queens Botanical Garden.

Watch the latest:

Managing Moisture in an Aerated Compost Pile
Anaerobic Conditions In a Compost Pile

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We hope to see you around the Garden soon! Please consider donating below to support the place where people, plants, and cultures meet.