QBG @ Home

QBG @ Home

To support New York City’s effort to contain the spread of COVID-19 (novel coronavirus), the Garden is temporarily closed.

It saddens us that in this time of social distancing, we cannot be the place “where people, plants, and cultures meet” (our beloved tagline!).

But let’s keep in touch and the love for people, plants, and cultures alive!

Garden staff are dedicated to sharing moments of inspiration, beauty, and knowledge with you through our social media and online channels. To see the latest and enjoy QBG at home, including footage from the Garden, story time and crafts, classroom tutorials, DIY projects, and so much more, be sure to check out all the nature- and garden-inspired content below and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

If you are able to, we ask that you consider donating to the Garden below or via our donation form.

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From the Garden

Horticulture, Education, and Compost staff bring you the latest from the Garden, including highlights of what’s blooming and growing, garden demos, and more!

Watch the latest: 

Meet Fred Gerber – Meet our Education Director Emeritus, who celebrates 50 YEARS at the Garden!
Rose Garden Tour – Gardener Colin shows you the cascading color scheme of our sustainable garden
Meet Our Chickens!
 – Meet Eggbert, Bernadette, Deb, and Silkie!


Nature-Inspired School & Public Programs

Class trips to the Garden are now in your living room! Watch as we bring our fun garden curriculum to you.

Watch the latest:
Plantas que comemos: Cultivemos en casaExploraremos formas de cultivar los desechos de vegetales que tienen en casa.
Introduction to Bees with Mrs. C  Look inside a hive to meet worker bees and baby bees, and learn the bee waggle dance!
Plantas que comemos / Plants We Eat (Es)
– Vamos a explorar las partes de una planta, sus funciones y las partes que nos comemos de estas.
Trees & Me
– Explore parts of trees, search for trees in our homes and plant them, and make tree art.


Observing Animals & Their Habitat

Pond Ecosystem & The Largemouth Bass – Check out critters in a pond
Butterflies & Moths – Take a close look at different butterflies and moths and make your own out of paper.
Eastern Bluebird House Explore a bird house and learn about seasonal maintenance.
Meet the Tan Jumping Spider! – Watch the Platycryptus undatus jumping in action! 

Plants We Eat

Explore plant parts, identify their functions, and discover which of these parts we eat.


Street Tree Story: American Basswood  Observe the American Basswood and find evidence of its tiny visitors. 
Fantastic Flowers – Dissect flowers and learn about the function of each part, before creating a floral-inspired sun catcher.
Animal ArchitectureMake your own bird nest, spider web, and beehive.
Growing TogetherLearn about foods grown all over the world.

Activities, Crafts, & Stories for Families

From our homes to yours, we present nature- and culture- inspired story time, crafts, and more you can do right at home.

Watch the latest:
Story Time (en español): Una Fruta es una Maleta para Semillas / A Fruit is a Suitcase for Seeds
Story Time: Worm Loves Worm
Science on the Sidewalk: Rainbows
Celebrate Pride with Natural Dyes
Sprouting Black Bean Seeds


DIY & Garden Inspiration

From our homes to yours, we present nature- inspired DIY projects, houseplant demos, and more.


Fred & Emmett Plant Chat (Episode 1): The Tomato!
Macro Photography Tips
Mother’s Day Bouquet
Cassandra’s NYC Backyard Garden Tour
What is the Bulgarian Martenitsa?

Compost Minute

Get an inside look at compost with NYC Compost Project hosted by Queens Botanical Garden.

Managing Moisture in an Aerated Compost Pile
Anaerobic Conditions In a Compost Pile

Please see below how you can help the Garden during this difficult time. 

We are so grateful for your support and we hope to welcome you back to the Garden soon. Please consider donating to the Garden below.