Taiwanese Animated Short Films

At this year’s Taiwan: A World of Orchids, enjoy an anthology of award-winning Taiwanese animation shorts by emerging young filmmakers! Three screenings of this 90-minute compilation film will take place each day.

Friday, August 13 through Sunday, August 15, 11am, 1pm, and 3pm

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Out of Sight
Director: Yu Ya-ting
Produced by: National Taiwan University of Arts
2D Animation
5 minutes, 27 seconds

A young blind girl, Chico, is taking a walk with her little yellow dog on a leash, but she is robbed on their way. In an attempt to retrieve the bag for his owner, the dog has gone missing. Desperate, the little girl fumbles her way through a gap in a fence and unexpectedly enters another world. She then embarks on a magical adventure.

What a Peaceful Day
Director: Eden Chan Kai-hsun
Produced by: Taipei National University of the Arts
2D Animation
4 minutes, 45 seconds

A grandma heads toward the forest to enjoy the peacefulness of nature. However, when she bumps into a hunter collecting antlers, a vicious conflict is bound to ensue.

Director: Fei Tzu-hsuan
Produced by: National Taiwan University of Arts
2D Animation
6 minutes, 46 seconds

Little Death, child of The Grim Reaper, has a good and tender heart. He has a unique talent for fashion design, but also faces a serious dilemma: he was born a life reaper, but he is incapable of killing. Unable to live up to adults’ expectations, how can he handle the responsibilities associated with his profession?

Director: Huang Hong-zhi
Produced by: Doyopins Studio
3D Animation
13 minutes

A-Rong is a homeless man whose body is capable of absorbing electricity then releasing the energy through his mucus. He sells recyclable batteries for a living, and expects nothing more than having one meal each day. One day, two vendors who illegally sell dog meat arrive in A-Rong’s town, chasing after a stray dog…

Tiger God
Director: Pan Ying
Produced by: National Taiwan University of Arts
2D Animation
7 minutes, 36 seconds

Tiger God, who is worshipped beneath the main altar, frequently gets neglected or forgotten by the worshippers. However, Tiger God stays loyal to his duty and protects children from all over the neighborhood.

What’s Going On With Annie?
Director: Hu Yin-jia
Produced by: Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology
2D Animation
7 minutes, 1 second

Annie likes to draw. Her room is full of her drawings and markers, but she doesn’t have good living habits. Annie barely organizes her room, and sometimes she simply tosses wrappers and empty cans everywhere. One night, when Annie is drawing in her room, she hears some strange noises coming from underneath her bed…

The Undiscovered Six Days
Director: Lin Meng-shin
Produced by: Taiwan National University of Arts
2D Animation
8 minutes, 40 seconds

A disobedient girl takes a bus to go to school. After boarding the bus, she notices the passing landscape looks bizarre. At first, she find it interesting, but then she realizes she has boarded a bus heading toward hell…

Director: Huang Yun-hsien
Produced by: TurnRhino Original Design Studio
Stop-Motion Animation
17 minutes

The violence from the mayor of Perfect Town forced all the poor citizens to run away. They left Bart, an orphan living in a tow truck, behind. Disheartened, Bart makes a wish, giving life to all of the dolls she made out of trash. When the mayor finds out about the secret, he decides to burn down Bart and all the dolls! To save Bart from the disaster, the dolls sacrifice themselves, which makes Bart hopeless again. How is she going to confront all the struggles and hardships in her life?

The Photographer
Director: Hsu Lung-kai
Produced by: National Yunlin University of Science and Technology
3D Animation
7 minutes, 7 seconds

A photographer lives a life full of regrets. One day, he finds a mysterious tunnel that returns him to the past. Is he able to seize the opportunity?

The Water Giant
Director: Chen Wei-yuan
Produced by: Taipei National University of the Arts
2D Animation
4 minutes, 25 seconds

In order to acquire water in a vast, barren land, the insects start attacking the water giant. Through the conflict between the giant and the insects, the animation explores topics regarding the excessive use of natural resources.

Animation provided by: Messiah Creative Co., Ltd.