Taiwan: A World of Orchids

Save the date for the 11th annual Taiwan: A World of Orchids exhibition, in partnership with the Taipei Economic & Cultural Office in New York (TECO-NY)!

Friday, August 9 - Sunday, August 11

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Taiwan: A World of Orchids

Taiwan: A World of Orchids

Friday-Sunday, August 9-11, 2024

              Included in Garden Admission: $0-6 • FREE for Members • For all ages         Registration recommended; Walk-ins welcome • $15 Parking • Free hours suspended on Sunday

Welcome to the eleventh annual Taiwan: A World of Orchids exhibition, in partnership with the Taipei Economic & Cultural Office in New York (TECO-NY)! During this three-day weekend at Queens Botanical Garden, immerse yourself in a stunning display of hundreds of pots of orchids and experience Taiwanese art and culture! Make orchid crafts; converse with our orchid experts; engage with cultural activities; enjoy food and drinks; and so much more. And don’t forget to shop our orchid sale throughout the weekend!

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A Message from Ambassador Lee

Dear Friends,

On behalf of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in New York (TECO-NY), I would like to welcome you to the eleventh annual Taiwan: A World of Orchids, to be held at the beautiful Queens Botanical Garden (QBG) from August 9 to 11.

In addition to the 990 pots of dazzling Taiwanese orchids, we have invited artists with diverse backgrounds and talents to bring you a robust Taiwanese cultural experience. From Taiwanese calligraphy, to diabolo, 3D edible color flowers and dough figures, we will also provide tourism consultation as well as a taste of Taiwanese food to enjoy.

This year’s orchid show “Colors of Taiwan” is inspired by the island’s iconic hues. Formosan green orchid leaves reflect the lush landscapes and rich biodiversity unique to Taiwan’s mountains and forests. Discover the bountiful orange orchids, evoking the island’s agricultural abundance and cultural wealth. Immerse yourself in the deep red blooms, symbolizing prosperity and celebration, echoing the lively spirit of Taiwanese festivals. Each blossom tells a story of Taiwan’s natural beauty and cultural heritage, inviting you to experience a kaleidoscope of colors that define this enchanting land.

I’d like to thank QBG for giving the community such a wonderful space, and for its continued support for TECO-NY. Thanks to Pauline Huang, QBG Ambassador, for coordinating the orchid show and helping us put on this special experience for New Yorkers and visitors to enjoy.

Please come and enjoy Taiwan: A World of Orchids and see nature’s artistic blooms in vibrant hues.


Tom Chih-chiang Lee
Ambassador and Director-General
Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in New York


Free & Reduced Pricing Opportunities

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