Group Programs for Kids & Schools – Workshops


QBG welcomes children from across New York City and beyond to our 39-acre living museum. Learners from Pre-K through High School get up close with nature through our interactive programs.

To book your visit, call 718.886.3800 ext 230, email [email protected], or fill out our online request form.

Advance registration and pre-payment are required for all programs. A scheduled visit is not confirmed until payment is received.

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Peak pricing is in effect April 1 through October 31.
Off-peak pricing is in effect November 1 through March 31.
= Programs also available as outreach for groups unable to visit QBG. Outreach availability is limited during peak season. Pricing available upon request.


Animal Architecture
All grades • Fee: $190 peak / $160 off-peak
Where do animals live? How do plants help animals make their homes? Look for answers in the garden as you explore and recreate the plant homes of birds, mammals, and insects.

Grades 3+ • Fee: $360 peak / $340 off-peak
Discover how plants and their parts have adapted in order to survive in different ecosystems. Participants create a desert or rainforest model for further study.

Bugging Out 
All grades • Fee: $190 peak / $160 off-peak
Are all bugs insects? Identify insect body parts using hands-on diagrams and models; discover garden critters and the roles they play. Participants take home a flower planting.

All grades • April–October • Fee: $190 peak / $160 off-peak
Discover the relationship of pollinators and flowers through observation of beehives and pollinators in our Garden. A honey tasting concludes the workshop. Make a beeswax candle (optional with $25 fee).

Color Me Autumn
All grades • October–mid December • Fee: $190 peak / $160 off-peak
Observe how plants and animals prepare for winter and discover how the life cycle of a plant ties into seasonal patterns and changes. Includes a leaf collage to take home.

Fantastic Flowers
Grades 3+ • April–October • Fee: $190 peak / $160 off-peak
Connect to your inner scientist and artist by applying your powers of observation! Participants dissect flowers and learn about the function of each part before creating a floral-inspired suncatcher, using their knowledge of flower color, shape and form.

Growing Together
Grades 3+ • Fee: $190 peak / $160 off-peak
Plants, like people, come from many different parts of the world. Take a journey discovering the origins of plants we eat every day. Participants plant a “world in a pot” with seeds from five continents.
Part of the ConEdison Curriculum.

Healing with Plants: The Amazing Legacy of Dr. George Washington Carver
Grades 3+ • Fee: $190 peak / $160 off-peak
Dr. Carver made significant contributions in the fields of agriculture, art, and medicine. Students will follow in his steps, planting a seed, painting with plants, and creating a healing lotion.
Part of the ConEdison Curriculum. 

Making Scents of Plants
All grades • Fee: $190 peak / $160 off-peak
Discover why plants are scented and how people use plant scents. Participants examine different botanical potpourri elements, and create a recipe to take a sample home.

Plant Propagation
Grades 6+ • Fee: $210 peak / $190 off-peak
Participants explore plant reproductive adaptations and how humans use them for agriculture and gardening. Learners create a miniature greenhouse with propagated plants.

Plants We Eat! 
All grades • Fee: $190 peak / $160 off-peak
Do you eat your fruits and vegetables? Explore plant parts, identify their functions, and discover which of these parts we eat. Includes a seed planting to take home.
Part of the ConEdison Curriculum.

“Power” Plants
Grades 6+ • Fee: $210 peak / $190 off-peak
What do leaves and solar panels have in common? How are buildings like trees? Explore how engineers and architects use inspiration from plants and biomimicry to solve energy problems in our built environment.

Trees & Me 
All grades • Fee: $190 peak / $160 off-peak
Trees provide us with wood, food, paper, and help our environment in many ways. Explore our trees, their needs, and the role they play in our lives. Seasonal take-home activities close the program.
Part of the ConEdison Curriculum.

Urban Botany
Grades 3+ • March–November • Fee: $190 peak / $160 off-peak
Learners meet the plants that excel at living in cities, explore their adaptations, and, like scientists, collect and preserve them in herbaria to take home a record.
Part of the ConEdison Curriculum.

Using Wild Plants
Grades 3+ • October, & late March–May • Fee: $210 peak / $190 off-peak
Learners explore the Garden grounds and identify wild and cultivated plants that people used for survival – whether as food, medicines, dyes, or shelter. Participants collect plants and make a tasty “wild” salad.

Water: Round & Round It Goes 
Grades 6+ • Fee: $200 peak / $190 off-peak
Learners investigate proper water management in wild and urban areas. Participants visit the Garden’s Green Building and associated landscapes for hands-on experiences and exercise wetland modeling to apply changes to urban planning.

A Worm in the City 
Grades 3+ • Fee: $190 peak / $160 off-peak
Learners explore the amazing red wiggler worms and the role they play in reducing our waste through composting. Take a worm bin back to your classroom to continue the explorations (optional with $25 fee).