Group Programs for Kids & Schools


QBG welcomes children from across New York City and beyond to our 39-acre living museum. QBG is an urban oasis where people, plants, and cultures are celebrated. The educational workshops and tours we offer guide young participants through inspiring gardens and real-world applications of environmental stewardship. Pre-K through High School learners use hands-on activities to explore topics from Honeybees to Biomes, and our instructors are noted for their wealth of knowledge about plants and animals as well as sustainable design and environmental stewardship principles. Get up close with nature through our interactive workshops and tours. Learn more below.

To book your visit, call us at 718.886.3800 ext. 230 or email [email protected].



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Tours & Workshops


Guided Garden Tour
All grades • Fee: $150 peak / $125 off-peak
Visit the Garden with a guide. Our permanent and seasonal collections showcase a variety of environmental, botanical, and cultural themes. Enhance your visit by adding a seed planting or a botanical craft (optional with $25 fee).

Sustainability Tour
Grades 5+ • Fee: $150 peak / $125 off-peak
Explore the steps we can take to make NYC greener by visiting our Green Building and sustainable landscapes to learn about urban water management, ecosystem restoration, energy conservation, and waste management.

Self-Guided Tour
Fee: $45
Explore Queens Botanical Garden at your own pace and investigate the specific exhibit areas that complement your needs and interests. Add a seed planting kit to go (optional with $25 fee). Self Guided Tours are available Tuesdays through Sundays with advanced registration. CLICK HERE to register.


*Peak pricing is in effect April 1 through October 31. Off-peak pricing is in effect November 1 through March 31.

Biomes and Ecosystems
Grades 3+ • Fee: $350 peak / $330 off-peak*
Discover how plants and their parts have adapted in order to survive in different ecosystems. Participants create a desert or rainforest model for further study.

Bugging Out
All grades • Fee: $180 peak / $150 off-peak
Are all bugs insects? Identify insect body parts using hands-on diagrams and models; discover garden critters and the roles they play. Participants take home a flower planting.

City Safari
Grades 3+ • March–November • Fee: $180 peak / $150 off-peak
Learners meet the plants that excel at living in cities, explore their adaptations, and, like scientists, collect and preserve them in herbaria to take home a record.
 Part of the Con Edison Curriculum.

Color Me Autumn
All grades • September–November • Fee: $180 peak / $150 off-peak
Observe how plants and animals prepare for winter and discover how the life cycle of a plant ties into seasonal patterns and changes. Includes a leaf collage to take home.

Energy: You Move Me
Grades 6+ • Fee: $200 peak / $180 off-peak
This workshop uses indoor investigations and outdoor exploration to enhance learners’ understanding of various sources of energy and processes that humans use to generate electricity.

Growing Together
Grades 3+ • Fee: $180 peak / $150 off-peak
Plants, like people, come from many different parts of the world. Take a journey discovering the origins of plants we eat every day. Participants plant a “world in a pot” with seeds from five continents.
 Part of the Con Edison Curriculum.

Healing with Plants: The Amazing Legacy of Dr. George Washington Carver
Grades 3+ • Fee: $180 peak / $150 off-peak
Dr. Carver made significant contributions in the fields of agriculture, art, and medicine. Students will follow in his steps, planting a
seed, painting with plants, and creating a healing lotion.
 Part of the Con Edison Curriculum.

Honeybees and Other Pollinators
All grades • April–October • Fee: $180 peak / $150 off-peak
Discover the relationship of pollinators and flowers through observation of beehives and pollinators in our Garden. A honey tasting concludes the workshop. Make a beeswax candle (optional with $25 fee).

Making Scents of Plants
All grades • Fee: $180 peak / $150 off-peak
Discover why plants are scented and how people use plant scents. Participants examine different botanical potpourri elements, and create a recipe to take a sample home.

Plants & Animals
All grades • Fee: $180 peak / $150 off-peak
Investigate local food webs and the ways that living things rely on each other in order to survive in the garden community. Participants take home a flower planting.

Plant Propagation
Grades 6+ • Fee: $200 peak / $180 off-peak
Participants explore plant reproductive adaptations and how humans use them for agriculture and gardening. Learners create a miniature greenhouse with propagated plants.

Plants We Eat!
All grades • Fee: $180 peak / $150 off-peak
Do you eat your fruits and vegetables? Explore plant parts, identify their functions, and discover which of these parts we eat. Includes a seed planting to take home.
 Part of the Con Edison Curriculum.

Trees & Me
All grades • Fee: $180 peak / $150 off-peak
Trees provide us with wood, food, paper, and help our environment in many ways. Explore our trees, their needs, and the role they play in our lives. Seasonal take-home activities close the program.
 Part of the Con Edison Curriculum.

Water: Round & Round It Goes
Grades 6+ • Fee: $200 peak / $180 off-peak
Learners investigate proper water management in wild and urban areas. Participants visit the Garden’s Green Building and associated landscapes for hands-on experiences and exercise wetland modeling to apply changes to urban planning.

What’s in Bloom
Grades 3+ • April–October • Fee: $180 peak / $150 off-peak
Participants examine the parts of flowers and learn their function through scaffolded observations in our gardens. Create botanical herbaria and collages from dissected and reconstructed flowers.

Wild Plants and the First Americans
Grades 3+ • October, and late March–May • Fee: $200 peak / $180 off-peak
Learners explore the Garden grounds and identify wild plants Native Americans ate and used for dyes or even medicine. Participants collect plants and make a tasty “wild” salad.

A Worm in the City
Grades 3+ • Fee: $180 peak / $150 off-peak
Learners explore the New York City waste stream and how recycling and composting mimic nature’s way of reducing it. Take a worm bin back to your classroom to continue the explorations (optional with $25 fee).


Urban Advantage at QBG

*For Urban Advantage teachers ONLY
Urban Advantage (UA) is a standards-based partnership program designed to improve students’ understanding of scientific inquiry through collaborations between urban public school systems and science cultural institutions such as zoos, botanical gardens, museums, and science centers. We believe that their extraordinary scientific and cultural resources convey a true “urban advantage.” Traditionally, these institutions have supported formal science education goals only indirectly. UA involves institutions outside the formal education system that support the science-specific goals of the public school system.
To learn more about Urban Advantage, CLICK HERE.

To book and for more info, email [email protected] or call us at 718.886.3800 ext. 230.

Please make sure to have the following information:
•    Preferred dates
•    Title of program
•    Your name and contact information
•    Your organization’s title and contact information
•    Number of classes and students
•    Voucher numbers

Advance registration is required for all programs. A scheduled visit is not confirmed until a voucher is received. Please check your invoice for due dates. Queens Botanical Garden reserves the right to refuse registrations for any reason.

Workshops and Tours Available for Middle School Urban Advantage Groups
•    Biomes and Ecosystems (additional fees apply)
•    City Safari
•    Energy: You Move Me
•    Growing Together
•    Healing with Plants: The Amazing Legacy of Dr. George Washington Carver
•    Honeybees and other Pollinators
•    Making Scents of Plants
•    Plant Propagation
•    Water: Round & Round It Goes
•    What’s in Bloom
•    Wild Plants and the First Americans
•    A Worm in the City
•    Guided Garden Tour
•    Sustainability Tour
•    Self-Guided Tour (available April 1st through October 31st)

Workshops and Tours Available for Elementary School Urban Advantage Groups
•    Biomes and Ecosystems (additional fees apply)
•    Bugging Out
•    City Safari
•    Color Me Autumn
•    Growing Together
•    Healing with Plants: The Amazing Legacy of Dr. George Washington Carver
•    Honeybees and other Pollinators
•    Making Scents of Plants
•    Plants and Animals
•    Plants We Eat!
•    Trees and Me
•    What’s in Bloom
•    Wild Plants and the First Americans
•    A Worm in the City
•    Guided Garden Tour
•    Sustainability Tour
•    Self-Guided Tour (available April 1st through October 31st)

Please read below in “Preparing for Your Group Visit” for additional information about our programs, rescheduling, and cancellation policy.

For questions related to Urban Advantage, please contact Marnie Rackmill at [email protected].



Queens Botanical Garden offers workshops and tours for groups throughout the year.  The information below will help you prepare for a group visit. We hope to see you soon at Queens Botanical Garden.

Length of Programs at QBG
Workshops start promptly and last approximately 1.5 to 2 hours, depending on the workshop.  Each workshop includes an outdoor component, a discussion and a hands-on activity. Most QBG workshops can be customized for grades Pre-K through 12. 

Tours are entirely outdoor experiences that are 1 hour long, unless otherwise indicated.

Maximum Group Size
Kids programs are limited to 30 participants. Special Education group size is limited to 15 participants.

Kids’ program fees include one adult chaperone per 5 participants for Pre-K groups and one adult chaperone per 10 participants for grades K and above. This does not apply to Special Education classes.

Adult programs are limited to a maximum of 25 participants.

Offsite Programs
Offsite workshops are available on a limited basis. Please contact [email protected] for more information.

Lunch Facilities
QBG does not have an indoor lunch facility or any food for purchase on site. Weather permitting, groups are welcome to sit and eat on the grass in the Crabapple Grove. If you plan to eat on the grounds, it is recommended that you have an alternate plan in case of inclement weather.

Arrival at the Garden
All groups, unless otherwise specified on the invoice, MUST be dropped off at the Parking Garden, located at 42-80 Crommelin Street (see map below for details). Buses must drop off visitors in the Parking Garden bus loop, but we are unable to accommodate bus parking. Car parking is available for an additional fee.

Instructors will meet groups scheduled for Workshops and Guided Tours in the Parking Garden. If you are here for a tour, please exchange contact information with your bus driver in case of sudden shower or weather change. There are no indoor facilities for tour groups.

Public restrooms are located in the Visitor & Administration Building. Please allow time before and after your program for restroom use.

Late Arrival Policy
Groups arriving late will receive a shortened program that will end at the originally scheduled time. Groups arriving more than 30 minutes late for their scheduled program will be cancelled. Refunds are not available.

Garden Etiquette
Visitor safety is our top priority. Leaders and chaperones are responsible for their groups and must supervise children at all times. Children must stay with their group and are expected to observe all Garden guidelines. They may leave the group only with chaperone supervision. 

During your program, we ask that all cell phones be turned off or silenced. 

The following are strictly prohibited:
•    Ball playing, sledding, kite flying, etc.
•    Stepping or walking in garden beds
•    Feeding wildlife
•    Littering
•    Bicycles, rollerblades, skateboards, scooters or other such devices
•    Picking flowers or plants, climbing or damaging trees
•    Stepping, walking, or playing in garden beds and water features
•    Feeding wildlife
•    Pets, except guide dogs
•    Soliciting or passing out information
•    Loud music or activities
•    Under New York City law, effective May 23, 2011, smoking is prohibited anywhere on Queens Botanical Garden grounds

Queens Botanical Garden is located at 43-50 Main Street, Flushing, NY 11355.

See image below for a map of entrances:

Reservation & Payment Information


Advance registration and pre-payment are required for all programs.

To book your visit call 718.886.3800 ext. 230 or email [email protected].

To register for Self-Guided Tours, please CLICK HERE

Payment may be made by credit card, DOE Purchase Order, check or money order made payable to Queens Botanical Garden.
Please mail your payment to:

Queens Botanical Garden
Education Department
43-50 Main Street
Flushing, NY 11355


Payments are due and must be received 6 weeks prior to the date of your first visit.

We do not accept payments on the day of your visit.

Payment due dates are listed on your invoice; if payment is not received by the invoice due date, Queens Botanical Garden reserves the right to cancel the program.

Separate registration is required for each class. We cannot accommodate groups of students combined from different classes.

Once your trip is booked, an email invoice will be sent that includes information and other details about your visit. The confirmation you receive via email is the only invoice for your registration.

Because of the large volume of registrations we receive, we are unable to make reminder calls; a scheduled visit is not confirmed until payment is received.

Queens Botanical Garden reserves the right to refuse registrations for any reason.

Rescheduling and Cancellations
If you must cancel your trip, please call as soon as possible. Notices of cancellations 6 weeks in advance of trip date will receive a full refund. Cancellations between 3 to 6 weeks before the booked visit date will be charged a $30.00 processing fee per class booked. There are NO refunds issued for cancellations received within 15 business days of booked trip or for any “no shows.”

Rescheduling is possible based on availability, provided you notify us at least 3 weeks before the date of your visit. There are no rescheduled trips within 3 weeks of the visit date. A Self-Guided Tour may be requested as an alternative. All workshops and tours run rain or shine. QBG reserves the right to postpone workshops and programs and will work with groups to reschedule.

Photo Credit: Allison Eng, Jess Brey, QBG Staff