Annual Appeal 2023

Show your love for the Garden!

The current turmoil in the world can be overwhelming and make our hearts heavy. Locally, all of us at QBG see how much our communities need and deserve relief and comfort, which fuels us to do more for our visitors, our schoolchildren, our city, and our environment. It is an honor – and a responsibility – for us to provide healing, respite, nature, and beauty for the diverse communities we serve and the children we inspire throughout the year.  

During these already unsettling times, proposed budget cuts to every City of New York agency will trickle down to Queens Botanical Garden and to other cultural institutions and non-profits. While we won’t know the full extent of these cuts until the spring, we may see up to 30% of our city funding slashed before our fiscal year ends.

This will be devasting.  

I hesitated to write a dire letter. Queens Botanical Garden brings so much joy, and I had planned on reflecting that spirit with an upbeat report to you highlighting how much we accomplished this year: how we grew our visitation by 6%; how we increased our donations of organic produce to food pantries to over 8,000 lbs; how we launched a new, yearlong program for high school students – Growing Justice – focused on sustainable agriculture, food justice, and youth leadership.  

Our beautiful 39-acre oasis provides our seniors with a safe space to practice Tai Chi and exercise, and our botanical collections bolster our ecosystem and fortify the health and wellness of all who enter. Every time a child has the opportunity to engage in one of our programs or walk the grounds, it’s a deposit for a sustainable future. QBG is a space for our city’s youth to fall in love with nature, inspiring them to be the next leaders of our world and protect our critical ecosystems. Their excitement to be in new environments transcends the everyday and opens their hearts and minds to an essential aspect of themselves, their connection to the natural world. 

This past year, we’ve grown our programming, our staff, and our audience through the incredible work of our staff, volunteers, interns, and supporters. We love our Garden and will do all that we can to protect and care for it!  

We are working hard to find ways to keep harm from these projected cuts at bay, but can’t do it alone;  we need your help.  

Please show your support and love for the Garden by making a year-end gift to QBG. We humbly ask you to be as generous as possible as we confront the challenge before us. Your support means the world to us and will allow us to continue to give so much to the community.  


With gratitude, 

Evie Hantzopoulos
Executive Director