Annual Appeal 2021

Grateful for New Beginnings…

What a year it has been! Throughout the ever-evolving pandemic, Queens Botanical Garden remained steadfast while also adapting alongside the needs of our constituents. We are continuously thankful for this lovely, open-air, green space and all the benefits it offers our visitors. One thing that will never change is our dedication to community – our signature blend of people, plants, and cultures that makes Queens Botanical Garden wholly unique.

We are excited to have resumed Environmental Education programs for NYC children that safely bring them back to the Garden to learn about nature and the world around them. In 2021, 38 little ones and their adults joined us for Garden Buds, while 124 children learned to prepare soil, select and plant seeds, and care for and harvest vegetables, flowers and herbs using organic gardening practices in Children’s Garden.

Despite the continued hardships of the pandemic, we found many reasons for gratitude this year. The Garden continued to grow and thrive under the careful attention of our expert gardeners. Events took on a whole new look. We celebrated Lunar New Year throughout the entire month of February, with popular grab-and-go crafts and decorations that brought fiery color to the wintry Garden landscape. In April and May, Flower Patch debuted to the delight of our many family visitors. In June, we roamed through the Garden during our first-ever Rambling Rose Gala. And in September, we had our most bittersweet moment of the pandemic when we said goodbye to former Executive Director Susan Lacerte as she retired. Her exemplary leadership has carried the Garden to new heights for the past 27 years. We are so grateful for her vision and guidance.

As we look forward to 2022, we see an exciting future on the horizon for Queens Botanical Garden. We will welcome a new Executive Director and commence the construction of our Education Center Project, a building and surrounding landscapes slated to open in 2024 that will enable us to greatly expand our signature environmental education offerings. Even with these impending changes, we are confident, knowing that the Garden will remain a welcome respite, a beautiful green oasis nestled within the fabric of our dense, thrilling, diverse city.

But we can’t do it all on our own! Your partnership and support are essential in this moment of great transition. A contribution to Queens Botanical Garden will help ensure the Garden remains green, growing, and welcoming to all communities as we move through these changes. Please consider donating to the Garden today – and of course, don’t forget to visit us soon and often!

Thank you for your support, and best wishes for 2022.


Rebecca Wolf, Interim Executive Director

P.S. Your gift, no matter the size, will make a difference and helps sustain the Garden.

Header credit: Choreography by Jiemin Yang; Photo by Hisae Aihara

Gallery photo credits: Jess Brey, Eryn Hatzithomas, Dylan House, Denver Samaroo, Anne Tan-Detchkov, QBG Compost Staff