Our Farm & Compost Site

Our Farm & Compost Site

The one-acre QBG Farm & Compost Site is part of the NYC Compost Project hosted by Queens Botanical Garden and funded by the NYC Department of Sanitation. Compost is a simple way to make big changes in our environment!

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About Our Farm & Compost Site

The Farm & Compost Site showcases how to make and use compost to create healthy soil for many living creatures. With our compost bin display, one-acre farm, and pollinator habitat, we demonstrate how New Yorkers can divert organic waste and improve urban soils. By working together we are supporting both our soil ecosystem and local community.

Vegetables grown on the Farm are shared with interns, volunteers, and donated to emergency food relief programs. Crops grown on the Farm include heirloom tomatoes, beans, turnips, and a variety of kales, lettuces, peppers, and radishes. 

Food Scraps Feed Our Soil

Since 2015 we have been accepting food scraps in local neighborhoods and composting them on site. We also compost yard clippings, woodchips, sawdust, and leaves. We use an aerated static pile (ASP) method that uses forced air on a timed cycle to create ideal aerobic conditions for decomposition. After the active (or thermophilic) phase is over, we allow three to six months of curing before compost is ready to use on the Farm. The finished compost has a dark brown color, an earthy smell, and is full of organic matter to feed the soil and soil organisms.