At Queens Botanical Garden, our staff strives to provide a place of peace, beauty, and safety for the quiet enjoyment of our visitors.

QBG is a collection of gardens for the study, exhibition, and display of plants. We encourage our visitors to explore, enjoy, and be respectful of our plant collections and to be considerate of fellow guests as well.

We support the use of the Garden for approved public ceremonies, celebrations, gatherings, and other activities appropriate to a botanical garden. Tai Chi is welcome in the Gardens on Parade Section of the Garden (also known as the Main Garden) from 8 to 9:30 am, and in the Arboretum at other hours. Sports and active recreation are prohibited. Please use adjacent Kissena Park or Flushing Meadows-Corona Park, or the other great parks of the City and State, for physical recreation.

To help ensure the enjoyment and the safety of all our guests and to maintain our collections, we have established  a few guidelines.


– Ball playing, sledding, kite flying, etc.
– Sunbathing. Shirts are required at all times.
– Picking flowers or plants, climbing or damaging trees.
– Hanging clothing or other items on trees and shrubs.
– Stepping, walking, or playing in garden beds and water features.
– Picnicking in the formal gardens. Picnicking is allowed in the Arboretum area but not coolers, barbecues or open fires, etc.
– Feeding wildlife.
– Soliciting or passing out information.
– Smoking. Under New York City law, effective May 23, 2011, smoking is prohibited anywhere on Queens Botanical Garden grounds.


– Bicycles, rollerblades, skateboards, scooters or other such devices
– Pets, except service animals on a leash
– Commercial photography, unless pre-arranged with staff
– Loud music or activities
– Littering.
– Professional photography and videography for commercial use (e.g., advertisement, resale of images) and personal use (e.g., wedding and engagement portraits, headshots), unless a photo permit or appointment has been pre-arranged with staff. Please note: Staff reserves the right to restrict professional camera equipment on the premises, including digital SLR cameras and tripods, unless a photo permit is obtained or an appointment has been pre-arranged with staff. Click here to learn more about photo and video permitting and procedures.

And finally…

Please help keep the Garden clean and green. Place trash in receptacles and deposit bottles, cans, and newspapers in recycling containers.

We look forward to welcoming you to QBG. Enjoy your visit!

Photo Credit: Anne Tan-Detchkov