QBG Compost

NYC Compost Project hosted by Queens Botanical Garden


We build community partnerships to create a healthy transition where food is never wasted, but rather, returned to the soil for a new cycle of life.

The NYC Compost Project (NYCCP) hosted by Queens Botanical helps to reduce waste in NYC and rebuild city soils by giving New Yorkers the knowledge and skills they need to produce and use compost locally. QBG Compost operations embody the closed loop of organics recycling by using food scraps and garden waste as the primary feedstock to produce compost. In turn, the variety of systems, applications, and organic farming reuses compost, cover crops, and mulches. By taking food scraps and woody debris destined for a landfill and turning them into a resource to replenish food production and healthy soils, we perpetuate a continuous loop of organics recycling.

Get Involved

See below for ways YOU can help close the loop of our food’s lifecycle.

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Educational Resources

Use our resource library as a starting place for answering your questions on composting processes, bins, gardening tips, and more.


Food Scrap Drop-Off (FSDO) Sites

We support community run FSDOs have the tools and knowledge to run a smooth operation. Visit Queens Botanical Garden’s FSDO at our Parking Garden at 42-80 Crommelin Avenue. Click here to find your closest FSDO.


Programs, Events, & Volunteering

We host workshops, volunteer events, presentations, and more. This includes the master composter certificate program.

Technical & Material Requests

We provide compost technical assistance by helping construct composting systems, managing volunteers, advising on neighborhood conflicts, sourcing materials, and more.


Tabling & Presentation Requests

We host workshops, volunteer events, presentations, site tours, info tables, speaking opportunities, and classes.


Our impact in 2021

  • Diverted over 384,724 lbs of organic waste from landfill
  • Engaged with over 12,000 people at events and activities
  • Worked with 406 volunteers
  • Performed over 100 technical assistances to community sites
  • Distributed over 2,000 bags of compost

Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events at this time.