Spread Love

SPREAD LOVE: A Mini Mural Installation Presented by Unfamous NY

Outdoor exhibit on view throughout the Garden

This mini mural installation serves as a tribute to the swift tempo of life in New York City. Amidst its hustle, we can easily become adrift, neglecting our connection to our surroundings and losing sight of our connection with Mother Nature. The city that never sleeps always has a story to tell and this project provides the city’s artists with the space and community to make their storytelling possible. As brushstrokes meet wall, a visual narrative unfolds, reminding all who pass by of the intrinsic link between the urban pulse and the heartbeat of our environment.

This Season’s Work by:

Jappy Agoncillo is an artist from Manila and based in Queens – specializing in murals and illustration, he’s painted murals across the world and has worked with clients like Adidas, Marvel, and Playstation.

Favorite plant: Santan Flower | Favorite insect: Bee

Caryn Cast is an artist who creates murals, chalk portraits, sculptures and illustrations in New York City. Her work displays whimsy and intrigue with a sprinkle of darkness in her portraits and animal portrayals. You will often find culinary aspects baked into each piece, as Caryn spends part of her time creating chalkboards, signs, and murals for many restaurants in New York City.

Favorite flower: Corn| Favorite insect: Bees

Caty Wooley uses pattern and flat imagery to create immersive space in painting and street art. She often uses animals and feminine motifs.

Favorite flower: Joshua Tree | Favorite insect: Lightning Bug

The Queens Art Collective is a group of artists who operate solely for the overall good of the art scene. Based out of Queens, we emphasize on creating opportunities for other artists with a goal of contributing properly to the culture.

 Favorite plant: Cherry Blossom | Favorite insect: Bumble Bee

About Unfamous NY

Unfamous NY is a local multi-disciplinary art and lifestyle collective that specializes in producing and curating visual art exhibitions, outdoor public art installations, mural services, grand opening events, and independent artists/gallery collaborations. Driven to create lasting experiences while representing the unique cultural identity of our city, we continue to develop our footprints in the graffiti and urban arts world. Each project we tackle is like a love letter to the ever-changing, colorful soul of our home – New York. 

Favorite plant: Sunflower | Favorite insect: Jewel Beetles