Adopt-A-Tree Program

Adopt-A-Tree Program

As trees often live beyond the lifespan of a single individual, they have long been used by cultures around the world to celebrate notable happenings – births, marriages, deaths, and significant public events.

Through the Adopt-A-Tree program at Queens Botanical Garden, you may choose one of the many established trees available throughout the Garden to commemorate your loved one, colleague, or special event for a donation starting at $7,500.

A label identifying the tree and naming the person you want to honor will be placed on or at the base of the tree.

The Adopt-A-Tree program enables you to participate in the privilege of protecting our environment. Caring for trees—sufficient watering, proper pruning, appropriate protection from disease and insects—means the trees planted yesterday will be here for all to enjoy for many years to come. Trees filter pollutants from the air, provide beauty and shade, and offer food and homes for birds and wildlife.

Your contribution will not only commemorate the person or event important to you, but it will also help QBG maintain and preserve these natural treasures.

I’d like to adopt a tree at QBG. What do I do?

The best way to choose a tree is to tour the Garden with a QBG staff member and view the trees that are available. Contact Annette Fanara, Assistant Director of Development at [email protected] or 718.886.3800 ext. 202 to make an appointment for a tour.

What types of trees are available?

The Garden has many trees in its inventory available for adoption, including:

  • Chinese Magnolia near the Main Street Plaza
  • Red Horse Chestnut in the Fragrance Walk
  • Japanese Snowbell in the Cherry Circle
  • Green Hawthorne in the Cherry Circle
  • Kwanzan Cherry in the Cherry Circle
  • Elizabeth Magnolia in the Cherry Circle
  • Tulip Tree along the front of the Visitor & Administration Building
  • Paperbark Maple in the Unity Garden
  • American Holly in the Woodland Garden
  • Red Oak in the Woodland Garden
  • Japanese Maple in the Floral Border
  • Dogwood in the Floral Border

Once you’ve selected the tree, QBG staff will work with you to select appropriate text for the commemorative plaque, which will be placed near or on the tree (depending on the size of the tree). Normally, the text consists of two or three lines of your choosing; a QBG staff member can provide examples and help you craft the text. The plaque also includes the tree’s scientific and common names, as well as cataloging information. It normally takes from four to six weeks for the plaque to be fabricated and installed.  You will be notified once the plaque is completed and installed. We welcome you to visit your tree at your convenience.

Trees are adopted for the life of the tree. QBG Horticulture staff members and arborists evaluate all trees on an annual basis to ensure their health and well-being.  Should something happen to the tree such as damage or infection, the tree may be removed or replaced at QBG’s discretion; the donor will be advised of any changes in a timely manner and offered options to adopt the replacement or another tree. If the tree is removed within the first year of the adoption, we will assist the donor in finding a replacement tree at no additional cost. Plaques that have been damaged or stolen are replaced at the Garden’s expense for the life of the tree.